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After School Clubs


A number of activities are available for the children to extend their skills and interests.

After school clubs include Arts and Crafts, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cookery, Dance, Dodgeball, Football, Gardening (seasonal), Musical Theatre and Scootering.  

We are hoping to have a chess club soon. A morning Tang Soo Do club is also being arranged. Some current clubs are affected by Covid restrictions, contact the school office for updates.
Opportunities are available for pupils to represent the school at Football (girls and boys), Netball, Swimming, indoor and outdoor Athletics, Cross Country, Rounders, Cricket, Hockey and Tennis.  

Updated 15/11/2021                                       

Name of Club   Day   Time
Football Year 5/6 Monday (Seasonal) 3.30-4.30
Kids dance Year 4/5       Monday    3.30-4.30         
Dodgeball Year 3/4 Monday 3.30-4.30
DM Football - Year 3-6 Tuesday 3.30-4.45
Arts & Crafts Year 3/4 Tuesday  3.30-4.30


Football - Year 3/4 Wednesday (seasonal)


Dodgeball - Year 5/6 Wednesday 3.30-4.30
Basketball - Year 3/4 Wednesday  3.30-4.15
Basketball - Year 5/6 Wednesday 4.30-5.15
Cookery Year 5/6 Wednesday 3.30-4.30
DM Football - Year 3-6 Thursday 3.30-4.45
Scootering - Year 3-6 Thursday 3.30-4.30
Musical Theatre - Year 3/4 Thursday 3.30-4.30
Multisports - Year 3-6 Friday 3.30-4.30
Musical Theatre Year 5/6 Friday 3.30-4.30
Cheerleading - Year 3/4 Friday 3.30-4.30


For more details of any club and to find out if there are spaces, please contact the school office. Most clubs are paid for on a half termly or termly basis in advance.