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Spring term 2022


Newsletter 6th May 2022


Newsletter 29th April 2022


Newsletter 8th April 2022 


Newsletter 1st April 2022


Newsletter 25th March 2022


Newsletter 18th March 2022


Newsletter 10th March 2022


Newsletter 4th March 2022


Newsletter 18th February 2022


Newsletter 11th February 2022

Newsletter attachments:

Cafe Church Year 3-6

Messy Church

Pancake day 2022

Parentkind Break the Rules poster Feb


Newsletter 4th February 2022

Newsletter 28th January 2022

Newsletter 21st January 2022

Newsletter 14th January 2022

Newsletter 7th January 2022


Autumn term 2021

Newsletter 17th December 2021

Newsletter 10th December 2021


Newsletter 3rd December 2021

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Change Makers leaflet

Christmas Productions 2021


Newsletter 26th November 2021

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Homestead Public Consultation Flyer

Messy Church 4th December

Cafe Church Yr3 and 4


Newsletter 19th November 2021

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Christmas Dinner Menu

Bikeability February 2022



Newsletter 12th November 2021

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Odd Socks Day Flyer

Onside Christmas holiday activities poster

Washington Christmas poster - Guides

Dunchurch Poster Play Ranger 2021


Newsletter 5th November 2021

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Newsletter 22nd October 2021


Newsletter 15th October 2021

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Break a rule day poster October 2021

PTA Disco


Newsletter 8th October 2021

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Kits Academy Holiday Leaflet Rugby


Newsletter 1st October 2021

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Bikeability October 2021



Newsletter 24th September 2021


Newsletter 17th September 2021


Newsletter 10th September 2021

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Covid update - 10th September 2021

Diary dates 2021-22

Admissions 2022

St Peter's Church - animal service



Summer term 2021 

Newsletter 2nd July 2021

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Diary Dates and events - amended (important information)


Newsletter 25th June 2021

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Onside Holiday Club Flyer

S & S Coaching Flyer


Newsletter 18th June 2021

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Creative Arts on Referral

Bikeability flyer

Harris holiday clubs flyer


Newsletter 11th June 2021

Newsletter attachment:

Rugby School Summer Camp


Newsletter 28th May 2021

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Newsletter 21st May 2021

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PSHE - Jigsaw Skills and Knowledge Progression for Parents

Stranger awareness letter

Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme Hardship Support Leaflet May 2021

May Half Term at Coventry Museums


Newsletter 14th May 2021

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Active Camps flyer - Rugby School

Rugby Town Female Football Players Open Day

Bikeability May Half Term

Safer School Champions Poster


Newsletter 7th May 2021

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Cars and Kids leaflet

Safe and Active Travel Newsletter May 2021


Newsletter 30th April 2021

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Kits Academy half term activities

Relationships P.H.S.E information for parents

Rugby Rotary Clubs Creative 'Lockdown' Youth Challenge


Newsletter 23rd April 2021

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CFC Request for Services Form

Public Health latest Covid Guidance

Rugby Borough Children & Family Centres timetable April 19th - June 2021


Spring Term 2021


Newsletter 1st April 2021


Newsletter 26th March 2021

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Walking the Way of the Cross

Dunchurch In Bloom 2021


Newsletter 19th March 2021

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Warwickshire Public Health - letter to parents 15th March 2021

HAF Programme Easter holidays 2021 (for pupils eligible for Free School Meals)

Winter Grant Scheme Easter 2021 (for pupils eligible for Free School Meals)


Newsletter 12th March 2021

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Parents evening letter

Kits Academy Holiday Leaflet Rugby

Bikeability Easter 2021

Oral Health Day 2021 - activities for children and young people

Oral Health Day 2021 - activities for teens and adults


Newsletter 5th March 2021

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Onside Holiday Club

Active Camps Easter flyer

WSHWBS newsletter March 2021


Newsletter 26th February 2021

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Consultation statement from Chair of Governors

NHS returning to school resource

PTA World Book Day Quiz Poster


Hunts Bookshop World Book Day promotion:

Recommended Reading List, Year 6

Recommended Reading List, Year 5

Recommended Reading List,Year 4

Recommended Reading List, Year 3

Recommended Reading List, Year 2

Recommended Reading List,Year 1

Recommended Reading List, Reception

Recommended Reading List, Nursery


Newsletter 12th February 2021

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Dunchurch Community Garden


Newsletter 5th February 2021

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Compass Newsletter February 2021

Dress up on Friday 12th February

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources


Newsletter 29th January 2021

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Fill the Gap

WCC Hardship support leaflet


Newsletter 22nd January 2021

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Severn Trent road works notification


Newsletter 15th January 2021

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WSHWBS newsletter January 2021

Microsoft Teams Live Teaching Instructions


 Newsletter 8th January 2021


Autumn Term 2020

Newsletter 17th December 2020

Evelyn and Matthew's photography competition

St Peter's Virtual Crib Service and Nativity


Newsletter 11th December 2020

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VFA Rugby poster


Newsletter 4th December 2020 

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Dunchurch consultation document for parents and wider community

PTA 'Break the Rules Day'

Benn Partnership Centre Christmas Dinner poster

Warwickshire School Health and Wellbeing Service Newsletter


Newsletter 27th November 2020

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WCC - Wider symptoms Covid test access

WCC Additional Capacity for Covid Testing Letter

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue

5 steps to park it right

On-Side Multi-Sports Holiday Club

Newsletter 20th November 2020

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Christmas Deli Bag Menu

Harris Holiday Club and Bikeability

Virtual Open Evening - 26th November

Newsletter 13th November 2020

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Dunchurch GP Surgery Poster

Newsletter 6th November 2020

Newsletter Attachments:

WCC Letter to Parents re Covid-19 symptoms

Compass Health and Wellbeing Service Newsletter

Compass Stress Awareness Day

Nasal Flu Vaccine Letter 

Newsletter 23rd October 2020

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October Den Newsletter

Entrust care partnership

Newsletter 16th October 2020

Newsletter 9th October 2020

Newsletter Attachment: Halloween Heist

Newsletter 2nd October 2020

Den Newsletter - September 2020

Newsletter 25th September 2020 

Newsletter 18th September 2020

Newsletter 11th September 2020

Newsletter 4th September 2020


Summer Term 2020

Newsletter 17th July 2020

Warwickshire Health and Wellbeing newsletter

Virtual Sports Day results

Thank you from Dunchurch Infant School PTA

Dunchurch Scouts

Newsletter 10th July 2020

Newsletter 3rd July 2020

Newsletter Attachment - Harris open evening

Newsletter 26th June 2020

Newsletter 18th June 2020

Newsletter 12th June 2020

Attachment: Compass (School Health and Wellbeing Service) Newsletter

Newsletter 5th June 2020

Newsletter 22nd May 2020

Newsletter attachments 22nd May 2020:

Letter from the Local Authority

Letter from the Director of Public Health

Coventry & Warwickshire Virtual School Games Tennis Competition


Newsletter 15th May 2020

Newsletter 7th May 2020

Newsletter 1st May 2020

Newsletter 24th April 2020


Spring Term 2020

Newsletter 3rd April 2020

Newsletter 27th March 2020

Newsletter 20th March 2020

Newsletter 13th March 2020

Newsletter 6th March 2020

Newsletter 28th February 2020

Newsletter attachments 28th February:

World Book Day Lunch Menu

Coronavirus Information (Public Health England)

Newsletter 14th February 2020

Newsletter 7th February 2020

Newsletter 31st January 2020

Newsletter 24th January 2020

Newsletter 17th January 2020

Newsletter 10th January 2020


Autumn Term 2019

Newsletter 20th December 2019

Newsletter 13th December 2019