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At Dunchurch Boughton Junior School, physical activities form a regular part of the weekly curriculum.

We believe that Physical Education plays an important part in children’s learning, both in physical development and in competence when learning new skills.

Our objective for Physical Education is to give the children opportunities to explore, select, create and to discover for themselves their natural abilities. The growth of confidence and self-esteem, together with the fostering of fair play and team spirit, is encouraged. The pleasure in participation and the satisfaction of achievement is valued, but an equally important objective is for children to accept winning or losing with the same good humour. A range of opportunities are provided for children to compete with each other and play competitive games within and out of school. Encouragement will be given to recognise and appreciate skilful and creative performances and so enable the children to develop a greater artistic and aesthetic understanding of all forms of movement.

Throughout their four years at Dunchurch Boughton Junior School the children will be given the opportunity to experience six areas of activity - Athletics, Dance, Games, Gymnastics, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities and Swimming. Adventurous activities are the focus during a week’s residential visit for Year 6 in Derbyshire.

Physical activity is also encouraged and provided for through after school and lunchtime clubs for Archery, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cricket, Dance (Zumba), Football, Martial Arts, Netball and Tag Rugby.