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Information Communication Technology is incorporated into every area of study, but an hour a week is dedicated to teaching ‘computing’. Our aims in using ICT are that all children will: -

  • develop practical skills in the use of ICT and the ability to apply these skills in the solving of problems;
  • extend the range of ICT tools used for communication, investigation and control;
  • select information, sources and media for their suitability;
  • enjoy using ICT and tackle all applications with confidence and a sense of achievement.
  • know how to stay safe online when using the internet and communicating with others, including email, instant messaging, social networks and the learning platform
  • develop information literacy skills.


We have sufficient wireless laptops and Ipads for individual use within a class as well as a computer suite with 34 workstations that is used extensively to support and enhance the curriculum. We have Lego Wedo kits for children to learn programming. Year 4 are visited by a robot and Year 6 visit Jaguar Land Rover to further extend and enhance the learning of programming.

Children who have restricted access to computer facilities at home are identified and encouraged to attend computer club during lunchtime.



Pupils will have the opportunity to become familiar with basic aspects of computer and printer use and efficient use of keyboard and mouse management.

In Computing lessons pupils will:-

  • learn to create and present work using Word documents, multimedia and webpages;
  • learn to save, organise and analyse information;
  • use a variety of software including databases, graphics programs, e-mail, spreadsheets, simulations and control;
  • learn to use computational abstractions that model the state and behaviour of real world problems and physical systems;
  • learn to use sequence selection and repetitions in programmes and work with variables and various inputs and outputs – Lego Wedo;
  • to explain how algorithms work and to detect and correct errors.