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History is all around us, in the people we know and the places we see. At Dunchurch we value local experiences, so we ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to investigate the local history of Dunchurch and the Rugby area.

The following themes are covered:-

  • Year 3  -  What was it like living in Dunchurch in the past? Ancient Greece, daily life in Egypt, past and present (comparisons)
  • Year 4  -  Why have people invaded and settled in Britain in the past? Roman, Viking & Anglo Saxons
  • Year 5  -  Stone Age and Iron Age, Shakespeare, Mayan Civilization
  • Year 6  -  Local history study considering the impact of WWII, Employment changes during the industrial revolution and a look at British Monarchs


Year 6 visit to Blists Hill Victorian Town



  Alcester Museum visit





                                       Year 3 Egyptian Day









                 Year 4 Roman Day 

                                                                           Year 3 study the history of Dunchurch


Studies are enriched by visits to historical sites and by opportunities to relive historical events through role-play led by a theatre company. The theme of ‘Invaders and Settlers’ includes a residential visit to York.

                               Year 4 residential visit to York


                                    Studying the Romans