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Our aim in the teaching of English is to develop, as fully as possible, the children’s language skills through speaking and listening, reading and writing. As these skills develop so will their ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing and to listen and read with understanding.



Positive attitudes ensure that the children grow in confidence and self-esteem and are highly motivated towards their own personal achievements in all aspects of English. Seven hours a week are dedicated to teaching Literacy, including two hours for reading and one hour for extended writing opportunities. Where possible the Literacy topics are linked to theme work to give more relevance. Each child has Literacy targets for writing to ensure rapid progress. Children are taught in ability sets.




We aim to enable pupils:-

  • to talk and listen for a range of purposes and to be tolerant to the viewpoints of others;
  • to express themselves confidently and clearly - including debates and presentations;
  • to develop as enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers;
  • to comprehend texts: understanding both literal and inferred meaning, making predictions, unpicking viewpoint and analysing organisation and structure;
  • to experience a wide range of literature and be encouraged to respond imaginatively;
  • to recite classic and modern poetry;
  • to be given opportunities to write for varied purposes;
  • to be given time to plan, draft and improve their work, and to discuss and evaluate their own and others’ work;
  • to improve their confidence in spelling via learning spelling patterns and rules and to extend their use of vocabulary;
  • to develop good grammar and punctuation skills, including knowing the technical terms;
  • to work towards and maintain high standards of handwriting and presentation.
  • to appreciate language in different forms of literature as well as in different subjects and contexts.