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Design Technology


 Our children are taught: -

  • skills and processes needed for design and construction;
  • to work safely and confidently;
  • to develop knowledge and understanding of products (their function, their control, their quality and their part in daily living);
  • to develop knowledge and understanding of materials, tools and components, including using computer aided design

The children have the opportunity to work independently or in groups, depending on the task, resources and safety reasons. They investigate a problem, plan, find a solution and then evaluate their work. Tasks are often linked to the cross-curricular theme being studied.





Year 5 constructed Tudor Houses out of wood and cardboard as part of their local history project on Stratford Upon Avon .



Some of our projects include:

  • using simple pneumatics, cams and levers to make toys and monsters
  • designing and making alarms, fairground rides, packaging and pop-up books
  • designing and sewing purses and slippers
  • preparing and cooking sandwiches, soup, bread and pizza