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As a school we consider that art plays an important role in the curriculum.  It offers children fun and enjoyment in experiencing a wide variety of materials and acquiring new skills and techniques. We believe that each child should develop the capacity to respond to his/her sensory experiences, to become aware of quality and have an appreciation of beauty.



Our aims in art are:-

  • to develop visual and tactile sensitivity and powers of observation, together with awareness of colour, form and space in natural environment and man-made world;
  • to develop understanding of a wide variety of media and processes using an art vocabulary in order to record, communicate and express ideas and feelings in many different ways;
  • to develop imagination, creativity, feeling and sensitivity;
  • to provide opportunities for all children to value their work and the work of others
  • to ensure a good balance of two-dimensional and three-dimensional work;
  • to provide pupils with a stimulating working environment, which illustrates and values their work. E.g. exhibitions, displays and collections of work, artefacts and other resources.