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Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship                  BACK


It is necessary for children to develop an understanding of the world in which they live, to realise their role in the community, their relationships with others, and to appreciate the views and feelings of other people. They need to understand the work people do and the contribution that they make to society. We try to ensure that pupils understand the importance of caring for the environment, how events in the past have influenced the present and the fact that the future will be affected by today’s actions.


At Dunchurch, we use the scheme called "Jigsaw" to deliver our P.S.H.E. 

There are six units, which is one per half term.  There is one lesson taught per week.


  • Being In My World- Sense of belonging, social community, wider and global community, children’s rights
  • Celebrating Differences- Diversity, disability, racism, friendship and bullying,
  • Dreams and Goals- Goals for success, personal strengths, enterprise and fundraising, dreams of other children in other countries and dreams for the world.
  • Healthy Me- Emotional and physical health, drugs and alcohol
  • Relationships- Families, friends, pets, love and loss, safeguarding, cyber and social networks, conflict, roles and responsibilities, stereotyping
  • Changing Me- S.R.E.

Protective Behaviours

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