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Our vision for art and DT is for…

  • Children to be immersed and have experience of a wide range of artists, styles and designers.
  • Children to respond to art and be able to make informed comments using artistic vocabulary to describe and evaluate what they see and experience.
  • Children to develop over their time with us, progressively more sophisticated skills in cooking, designing, making, drawing, painting, printing and sculpting.

Across the years groups we have planned a range of engaging topics in both art and DT to ensure good progression and also allow a broad range of skills to be taught and rehearsed.

Year 3

  • Portraits - Simon Davis
  • Patterns and Zentangles - Thanyee McCardle
  • Clay canopic jars - thumb pot with lid - Egyptians
  • Pizzas and packaging
  • Boats that float - woodwork

Year 4

  • Flowers - Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Mosaics and 3D sculptures - architecture and design - Guadi 
  • Alarms
  • Soup - food technology
  • Purse - sewing

Year 5

  • Batik and watercolours - Hokisai
  • Watercolour landscapes, weaving and collage - Monet
  • Clay Masks - inspired by Greek masks
  • Pop up books
  • Movement with cogs and gears

Year 6

  • Industrial landscapes and human form - Lowry
  • Drawing animals and natural landscapes - Rousseau
  • Biscuits - food technology
  • Fairgrounds
  • Slippers - sewing