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Our vision for maths is…

  • For there to be exceptionally high levels of numeracy among our children by the time they leave our school, achieved through exposure to concrete, pictorial and abstract experiences.
  • For all staff and pupil to share an enjoyment of maths.  
  • For children to be confident using maths in a range of different contexts.


At Dunchurch Boughton C. of E. Junior School, we follow a Teaching for Mastery approach to Mathematics.  This involves dividing learning into small steps so that each step builds upon prior knowledge and helps pupils to develop understanding in addition to fluency.


Children are taught maths everyday and are grouped in ability sets. During each lesson, children explore and unpick methods of solving problems, where the focus is on the explanation rather than just the answer. A range of physical resources or manipulatives are available for the children to use to aid their learning. Pupils are encouraged to show their calculations through pictures and bar models as well as formal written calculations.


We provide interventions as needed to enable pupils to keep up with learning and address any gaps in their understanding. Targeted questioning and challenges are provided in lessons to stretch and deepen the understanding of pupils who grasp concepts quickly.


Throughout the year, we focus on the importance of an accurate and rapid recall of number bonds and times table facts.


We believe that all children can be successful in Mathematics and endeavour to develop resilience and perseverance when reasoning and solving problems.


Useful websites

Hit the Button- good for practising number bonds, times tables and division facts.


BBC Supermovers- good for learning times tables


Times tables- good for practising times tables.




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