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Our vision for humanities is for children…

  • To have a broad range of experiences which give them the cultural capital to understand our diverse world as it was, is now and as it will be.
  • To understand their role as global citizens and also the impact of geographical changes, in particular through high quality fieldwork.
  • To develop a curiosity about historical events and sources of evidence, valuing how this impacts life today.




Across the years groups we have planned a range of interesting topics in both History and Geography to ensure good progression and also allow a broad range of skills to be taught and practised.

Year 3

  • Mapping the UK
  • Mapping the Dunchurch - Land use and settlements - including a visit to Dunchurch and a farm
  • Changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age - Trip to Flag Fenn
  • Achievements of the earliest civilizations - Ancient Egypt

Year 4

  • Mapping the World
  • Climate Zones, Vegetation Belts and Biomes
  • The Roman Empire and its Impact on Britain - Trip to Chedworth Roman Villa
  • Britain's Settlements by Anglo Saxon and Scots - Visitors Guarderobe
  • Vikings and Anglo Saxons struggle for the UK - residential trip to York

Year 5

  • Rivers, Mountains and the Water Cycle - residential to Wales
  • Comparing the UK to a region in Europe
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Ancient Greece
  • Maya - Non-European society

 Year 6

  • A local environment study- Cemex visit
  • Comparing Brazil and the UK
  • Local History - Coventry Blitz
  • A turning point in British History  - The Industrial Revolution and Railways - trip to Blist Hill