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At the start of each year we hold year group meetings, giving an overview of the year ahead.

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Curriculum summaries for Spring Term 2020

Year 3   Year 4   Year 5   Year 6

Curriculum summaries for Autumn Term 2019

Year 3   Year 4   Year 5   Year 6

Curriculum summaries for Summer Term 2019

Year 3   Year 4   Year 5   Year 6



Additional information on the curriculum can be found by contacting the relevant year group teachers through the school office, or our Heads of School, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Read.


Foundation Standards

Below are the links to the foundation subject standards. These statements explain what is required to meet the standard for that subject, in that year group.

Year 3 Foundation 2018 2019

Year 4 Foundation 2018 2019

Year 5 Foundation 2018 2019

Year 6 Foundation 2018 2019


We value all children as individuals and all staff aim to discover each pupil’s strengths and weaknesses and, through differentiation, allow each child to achieve their maximum potential.“The Curriculum consists of all the learning opportunities provided by a school. This includes timetabled lessons, visitor and visits, out of school activities and all attitudes, moral values and styles of behaviour promoted and supported by the school”.

Our Intent for the Curriculum

  • To ensure children leave our school with high standards of literacy and numeracy, while enjoying and achieving in a wide and varied curriculum.
  • To ensure no child gets left behind, regardless of their social and economic situation or any additional needs they might have.
  • Our curriculum will help us to use our Christian ethos to develop in all children, including those of other faiths or none, the values underpinning our school: kindness, patience, honesty, forgiveness, peace, generosity and thankfulness.

Curriculum Implementation

Knowledge forms the foundation of pupils' education and it is upon this certain skills can be developed by working from the Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum, which have been carefully mapped out to ensure progression from keys stage 1 until the end of key stage two.

We aim to give our children a firm understanding and grounding in the basic subjects and place particular emphasis on Mathematics, English and Science. Other separate subject areas include Geography, History, Art, Design Technology, Computing  , Religious Education, Music, Physical Education and  FrenchSome of the foundation subjects are taught weekly, while other are blocked. The full range of foundation subjects are taught to all year groups to ensure a broad curriculum is enjoyed by all pupils.

At our school there are opportunities for all pupils to be taught by specialist teachers and this increases as the children move up the school. Specialist teachers are employed for music, french and sports.

We also provide the children with opportunities to learn about sustainability and enterprise by planning and running events like the Christmas Fair  and charity days. Through 'Looking for Learning' and 'Building Learning Power' the children develop their own understanding of learning and practise skills which help in all lessons.

We are very lucky to have amazing school grounds, with a large field and so we aim to provide lots of opportunities for outdoor learning.

Other areas of the curriculum include: