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Fun and Useful Links


Children's search engines:

Ask Jeeves for Kids




Click on the blue links to visit the websites.


BBC Bitesize Primary

Games to help with Literacy, Numeracy and Science.

BBC Schools - Primary

The Romans

The Indus Valley

The Victorians

World War 2

Dynamo's History games

Fun educational games to play online.

Cartoon Network

Play games, read about your favourite shows.


Your favourite programmes, games and much more!
Cbeebies Cbeebies characters, fun and games, make and do, print and colour.


ChildLine is the free helpline for children and young people in the UK. Children and young people can call us on 0800 1111 to talk about any problem.

Children's ITV Games

Games, jokes, art galleries and more.


Online colouring books.


Games, colouring pages and more.

Dan the Gardener

An online children’s environmental club. How to enjoy your surroundings and be more environmentally friendly. Free to join, an interactive site with lots to do and learn!


About your favourite Disney films and characters.

Harry Potter

Read about the Harry Potter books and films, view trailers and play games online.

Help Kidz Learn  

Free online games and activities for children.

I walk to school

Website of the International Walk to School Week.

Kids Com

Comic style magazine site on keeping safe on the internet.

Natural History Museum

Children’s section of the National History Museum website. Play games, learn about animals and dinosaurs, view ‘naturecams’ and send in your artwork.

Nick Junior 

Online games and activities.

Peter Rabbit

Play games, make and do, meet characters


Play games, watch episodes, read about the characters, download wallpapers, learn 'Pinguinese'!

Primary Games

Games, puzzles and fun.


Discover children’s books and authors, download free puzzles and bookmarks.

The Tudors - Virtual Jousting

Play virtual jousting (from the website of the National Archives).